Episode 2

Published on:

28th Mar 2024

Magical Mystery Mayor Tour - with Bobak Esfandiari

We do a quick analysis of the most recent election (featuring some insightful observations from our friend and former United Democratic Club president Bobak Esfandiari) before getting into an EXHAUSTIVE analysis of the state of the upcoming mayoral race. We examine the case *for* and the case *against* each of the candidates (and potential candidates... *PLURAL*) and how the heck Ranked Choice Voting will play into their strategies. This episode is super long (our longest ever!), but holy cow there's a lot of candidates!

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The Fun Police
San Francisco Politics, Policy, Nightlife, and Fun
Cities should be fun and full of life! Join Ben Bleiman and Sharky Laguana as they interview local politicians and celebrities about the nitty gritty of San Francisco politics, policy, and nightlife. If you are curious how city government works, or wonder if we'll ever be allowed to have fun again, this is the show for you.

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Ben Bleiman

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SF bar/dispensary owner. Nightlife advocate. Founder of the SF Bar Owner Alliance (500 sf bar owners and counting). Chairman of the Board of the Aquarium of the Bay at Pier 39. President of SF Entertainment Commission (but my opinions are my own).

Sharky Laguana

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CEO and founder of Bandago, a passenger van rental company with strong ties to the live music industry, and Campago, a camper van manufacturing company. President, San Francisco Small Business Commission. President of the American Car Rental Association.